Neuro C3 – Concussion Assessment

Neuro C3 – Concussion Assessment

Neuro C3 is a system integrating three of these technologies (NeuroMinder, NeuroBalance and NeuroTracker) to provide comprehensive and objective assessments of neural status for managing concussions.

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Comprehensive and objective assessments of neural status for managing concussions.

NeuroTracker is CogniSens Athletics’ first fully commercialized product for international markets. Over the past 3 years, it has been developed alongside other applications in collaboration with EPL teams, and over the past 2 years with the NHL teams. Several more patented technologies are nearing final development stages or undergoing in-field trials, detailed in this section.

Neuro C3 is a system integrating three of these technologies (NeuroMinder, NeuroBalance and NeuroTracker) to provide comprehensive and objective assessments of neural status for managing concussions. A range of neural acuity baselines are used as references to measure the relative functional impact of mTBI on the athlete. Unlimited and accurate retests allow close monitoring of recovery and also provide checks on return of mTBI symptoms.

Neuro C3: Overcoming the Problem of Concussion Treatment.

CogniSens Athletics offers the sports world a unique and complete solution for management of concussions with the Neuro C3 system. Its patented technologies provide medical staff with multiple baselines and retests to support their assessments throughout the recovery process all the way to return to play readiness. Cognitive conditioning also helps to accelerate game-shape and reduce future collision risks by drastically improving peripheral awareness.

Neuro C3 presents teams a real opportunity to lead the wave in overcoming the sports industry problem of effective concussion management. The combined system provides comprehensive of support for mild traumatic brain injuries by providing a range of applied uses for medical staff, helping teams effectively measure, monitor and manage concussions. The system’s unique assessments provide doctors with a new window into each athlete’s neural status in a way that complements existing protocols. Perceptual conditioning also fits easily into a team’s training routines for performance gains, generating baselines quickly and keeping them up to date.

Assessment Advantages:

The tests themselves are extremely simple to administer, requiring only a minute or so of instruction with results recorded automatically. They take just 5-10 minutes each and can start as soon as the athlete puts on 3D glasses or looks into the Neuro C3 device.

A major advantage to medical staff is the authenticity of the collected data. The tests all isolate and measure critical visual processing, and so are not biased by knowledge, intention or repeated use. Because of the scientific sophistication of the techniques used, there are also superb safeguards for ensuring authentic baselines – currently recognised as a worrying challenge for doctors.

C3 Logix Performance Polygons

C3 Logix Performance Polygons

  • Measurement of multiple domains improves diagnostics and enables RTP decision-making.
  • Unified visualization of performance comparing follow-up assessments to baseline highlights impairments in specific domains.
  • Allows identification of specific areas of impairment or lagging recovery and more timely referral to specialists for intervention.

C3 Logix System

Effective management of a concussion requires communication from athletes, parents, ATC’s, coaches, school nurses, school administrators, teachers, and doctors. C3 Logix is the only platform that brings data collection and insight together in one location.C3 Logix:

  • Provides a mechanism to unite ATCs, MDs, PTs, and Researchers in collection of common outcomes.
  • Provides reliable and objective assessment of postural stability, working memory, set switching, reaction time, learning and static and dynamic visual acuity.
  • Provides web based access for remote expert evaluation.
  • Provides visual indicators that focus attention and expedite appropriate care.