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Maxshield infection prevention

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Frequent absence from vital training sessions is highly undesirable for both athletes and coaches and will most likely have a negative impact on performance levels during parts of the season.

1. Olympic Athletes lose on average 15 training days per year

Athletes are not the only sportsmen who need protection;
professional footballers and rugby players are equally vulnerable.

Too often we hear of whole teams decimated by something as preventable as Norovirus. This highlights the need for preventative measures aimed at anyone competing at a high level.

2. Sports environments have proven to be hotspots for infections

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, all means to avoid unnecessary exposure to bacteria and viruses should be made in order to prevent the unnecessary loss of training hours and missed appearances.

MaxshieldUK B16 5 will provide you with an infection free sports environment

Five things we can do...

  1. Establish the cleanliness of your building
  2. Evaluate your cleaning regime
  3. Spray the building to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses
  4. Quantify the difference
  5. Monitor and maintain your pathogen free environment

Three reasons to do them ...

  1. To maximise training
  2. To maintain focus
  3. To achieve 100% availability and fitness

With one positive outcome...

To provide you with a pathogen free environment, leading to success.

Infection prevention The MaxshieldUK

MaxshieldUK have developed a cost effective method of combatting the risk of infection in any sports environment. Our service contains three key elements
providing a robust infection prevention solution to any sports environment where player availability an performance is essential.

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MAXSHIELDUK kills and destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi instantly achieving a 99.9999% kill in seconds. When dry it leaves an invisible force field that keeps on working for months.

It is proven to work against all bacteria and viruses including hospital superbugs, and being non-toxic it is safe to use in close proximity to humans and animals.
MAXSHEILD has been tested and approved to European Standards, it is 10 times more powerful than bleach and works in wet areas such as showers.

See The MaxShield Anti-Bacterial Formula in Action

Electrostatic Technology

At MaxshieldUK we use the latest technology in electrostatic air foggers.

The uniquely designed nozzle delivers spray droplets that are between 30 to 60 microns in diameter. At the tip of the nozzle is a tiny electrode which applies an electrical charge to the spray.

The electrical charge causes a natural force of attraction between the spray droplets and the target surface. The droplets overcome the force of gravity sticking to the
target surface and penetrating even the smallest crack.

This makes it ideal for treating hard to clean items such as computer keyboards, TV remotes, gym equipment etc.

The droplets dry within seconds and treatment can take place even when staff are present.

ATP Monitoring

We will demonstrate the effectiveness of our service by the using of ATP monitoring.
Our results have shown that we can typically provide an environment as pathogen free as an operating theatre.

These results are achieved within minutes of the first application and will continue to provide effective protection for months.

Use the latest in computer analytic software we can provide you with the results, giving you the relevant information to feed back to your cleaning staff.

Independently tested and proven to kill ....
Covid-19 Virus
NoroVirus Virus
Influenza  Virus
Salmonella spp  Bacterium
MRSA  Bacterium
E.coli Listeria  Bacterium
C.Diff  Bacterium
H1Nl  Virus
Avian Flu  Virus
HIV  Virus
Staphylococcus Aureus  Bacterium
Campylobactor  Bacterium
Legionella  Bacterium
Staphylococcus ssp  Bacterium
SARS  Virus
Hepatitis B  Bacterium
KLebsiella  Bacterium
Pseudomonas spp  Bacterium
Shigella sonnei  Bacterium

If you don’t see the bacterium or virus you are interested in please contact 07983 440 795 or 07773 539 786 for further information.

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This product is classified as non-hazardous and not subject to identification under EU Directives and is classified as non-toxic.

MAXSHIELDUK is long lasting and once applied to any surface will continue to deliver outstanding results for months.