It’s easy. Turn on your FieldWiz by pressing the button. A green LED light shows you that it is on. Insert it into the vest. Get ready. Play. It can be used for a governed game or regular practice. For teams, each device has a unique number which is then assigned to a player.



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FieldWiz is a strategy and physical performance tracking system for outdoor team sports like football, rugby and many others.

Swiss Precision for Low Cost

  • Reinforce the staff intuition with tangible facts. FieldWiz is a powerful decision making tool allowing to gather facts and compare players between games and positions over time.
  • Better communicate and demonstrate your strategy, show game phase and compare the “as is” situation with the “should be”.
  • Set measurable goals during practices and games, track progress and encourage healthy competition within the team.
  • Make better use of training time and adapt it to the players game behaviour
  • Monitor the load in order to prevent injuries or rehabilitate safely

Easy to use with

  • No software installation needed, no compatibility issue, always up-to-date
  • No extra hardware required on the field
  • Customizable report
  • Centralized data for clubs/federations
  • Integration with existing data management systems or video analysis tools
  • GPS 10 Hz
  • 45 gr
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 9 axis accelerometer

In Option:

Docking station for simultaneous charging and data sychronisation up to 30