Z-Metrix Body AnalyserWe would like to inform you of an amazing opportunity to create a very lucrative income available to Gym’s, Clinics, Dr’s and Private Individuals through offering your clients very accurate and quick body composition analysis using Z-Metrix.

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Z-Metrix is used, amongst others ,by Manchester United who use it to test such things as hydration levels, fat content, bone mineral and muscle mass as well as almost 150 other measurements.

The income opportunity from offering this service to your clients is very exciting.

Earning Potential:

If you only charged a very reasonable £30 for a body composition measurement on only 2 clients per day, the yearly income based on £60 per day x 50 weeks would equate to an income of £21,000!

If you half or even quarter these very reasonable figures you would still receive a very rewarding income.

We can also offer leasing facilities, subject to status, and this offers another very exciting way to create the income and at the same time take away any possible cash flow issues in the early days.

For example and again subject to status, the monthly payment on a 3 year lease deal would work out at around £100 plus vat per month. If you only had 2 clients per week you would take in £240 per month so even on very minimal foot flow the earning opportunity is very attractive.

A graph is produced after every test which you can either print off or E-mail to your clients. The chances are that the client would want at least one more test doing at some stage to see of any improvements. Also due to the easy portability of the unit you could even offer testing away from the gym at clients homes etc.

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