NeuroTracker Cloud

NeuroTracker Cloud is a web-based training platform that allows for training at home or on the road using a personal computer.


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What is NeuroTracker?
NeuroTracker is a visual exercise that uses multiple object tracking to improve the efficiency of neural networks that govern situational awareness, attention, executive function and cognitive stamina.
Based on over 20 years of research of world-leading neurophysicist Dr. Jocelyn Faubert, the technology is now used in a wide range of applications, including athletics, education, wellness and rehabilitation.

What is NeuroTracker Cloud?
NeuroTracker Cloud is a web-based training platform that allows for training at home or on the road using a personal computer. The system includes a separate dashboard for coaches and users, which allows users to train freely and lets coaches track their progress remotely. NeuroTracker Cloud also allows coaches to assign individual training protocols and communicate directly with their users.

12 Months
Price Per NeuroTracker Cloud License £245.00

The NeuroTracker Cloud program consists of two phases of training. The first focuses on demonstrating improvement and the transferability of the training. Once complete, the user continues to the second phase of training, which focuses on long term engagement by offering a range of cognitive and physical dual tasks that increase in terms of complexity.

Phase 1: Assessment
The initial training phase prioritizes the demonstration of training benefits and consists of 30
NeuroTracker training sessions, which is proven to demonstrate noticeable improvements. The training can be combined with a pre-and post-assessment and analytic report.

Phase 2: Engagement

Once users complete the Assessment phase and understand the benefits of NeuroTracker training, they will progress to advanced training programs that will incorporate dual tasks of increasing complexity.


- + Standing
- + Balance
- + Exercise – Transition from low to high intensity


- + Skill – The user must execute a skill while tracking the targets, which is dependent on the
area of expertise. For instance, soccer players can do ball manipulation exercises while


- + Decision – The user must make a tactical decision while tracking the targets. For instance,
individuals with autism would identify facial cues while tracking.
- + Skill & Decision – The user must make a tactical decision and execute a skill while tracking. For instance a police office or soldier would be presented with a threat/no-threat scenario and have to react with the appropriate action.

Open Ended: By integrating increasingly complex skills and decisions, biometric capabilities and 3rd party training programs, the training can be infinitely adapted to challenge the user in new ways.

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