Hydrolactic System

Recover Faster - Train Harder - Perform Better

Usable by virtually anyone, the Hydrolactic Systems are safe, complimentary devices with many features and benefits to ensure the end-user is provided with a product that is both beneficial to their requirements and easy to use.


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The Hydrolactic System is light-weight, ergonomically designed and will accommodate even the largest feet. Easy to use and completely portable, this product only uses a small amount of water, making it practical to empty after each session. There are unique foot supports in the centre mid-line front and back for convenience; an important feature for those who are in pain or who have mobility issues. Ideal for sports practitioners, professional and amateur athletes and home users.

Includes: Hydrolactic system, transformer, instructions, 20 clear liners, and 1 hydrolactic elements.

Amateur and professional athletes looking to improve performance and speed up recovery while supporting a healthy lifestyle choice can gain an instant benefit from using the ​non-invasive Hydrolactic System.​ It's due in part to it's unique lactic acid-lowering ability.
​Hydrolactic leads the way in ionic therapy research and product development. All of our products are designed, built and tested in the UK.

Trial coordinator, Stuart Dixon from the sports science department at the University of Sunderland explains the Hydrolactic System can provide important performance gains from skin detoxification processes, he states. "By increasing blood flow to the skin the process encourages the discharge of metabolic waste and accelerates the clearing of toxins. This in turn strengthens and stabilizes the immune system and metabolic functions.
An associated stimulation of hormone glands and nerve endings maintain efficiency and eases individual muscle fibre activation. Such benefits assist in performance and recovery gains, and allow for achievable increases in performance". ​

Use pre-exercise for performance gains up to:

Cardiovascular 2.5% improvement in Marathon times​
​A demonstrated shift in lactate threshold allows for an improved optimal running speed.
Power 1% improvement in cycling power output
Laboratory trials found consistent power output increases.
​Race pace 1.5% improvements in cycling times
Tests found beneficial improvements over a 10-km cycling time trial.

Use pre-exercise for recovery gains up to:

Acceleration 50% improvements in muscular acceleration
Trials identified significant improvements in limb acceleration following a session.
Heart rate reduction 7% in a reduced post-activity heart rate
Reduces EPOC and improves heart rate recovery.
Lactic acid clearing 25% in reduced post-activity blood lactate levels
speeds up the reabsorption of lactic acid after exercise or competition.


Other Benefits:

Lymphatic performance Improves pre and post-activity detoxification
Removes waste products and increases energy availability before and after activity.

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