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Take your shooting training to The Next Level

No two goal-scoring situations are exactly the same so goal scorers must always be conscious of where the target is and how to hit it with precision, outside the goalkeeper’s range. The Goal Target has four target zones (100 x 70cm) each placed in the corner of the goal, where the top goalkeepers in the world are scored on. It is an exceptional tool for ambitious offensive players that, through repetition, can build automatic muscle memory of finishing in the upper and lower 90s of the goal.

A Goal Target is allocated in each goal of the Goal Station, to necessitate precision shooting and finishing.


  • Dimensions: 720cm x 232cm / 283in x 91in
  • 9 bungee cords for easy attachment
  • Mesh net designet to rebound
  • Sewn-in weighted in bottom section
  • Strong eyelets for bungee cords

Goal Target 7v7

Set up a technical agility course to test dribbling, passing, first touch and finishing skills.

Train simple technical components to advance technical components. Without pressure, with semi-pressure (passive) and full pressure progressions.

Goal Target 11v11

Train technical aspects in a tactical game-like situation

Unlimited possibilities for small sided games

Improved and faster decision making

Orientation / vision training

Reaction training

Goal Target Handball

High Intensity Aerobic Training (Foundation of Football Fitness)

Anaerobic Training-Production and Tolerance Training

Speed, agility and explosiveness training

Coordination and balance training.

Confidence in finishing is built by the repetition of scoring goals and to build this confidence the player must have success with putting the ball in the back of the net.
This success comes from repetition and progression of finishing training, starting from basic form shooting,
progressing to various types of game replicated finishing situations both with and without pressure.
Use the Goal Target to ensure that each finish is tucked out of the goalkeeper’s reach.


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